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New experiences

A few months ago, Fiona Gruber came to interview us as part of a series to be aired on Radio National.  It has been a long wait but yesterday morning the interview did indeed go to air.  I find it an unsettling experience to hear my own voice on air (or on an answering machine) but managed to overcome that difficulty and listen to the interview.  It is thrilling to find that someone thinks you may have something to express or explain that others may find interesting and it is a great pleasure, or perhaps relief, to find that you have managed to be coherent and have said what you intended.  Of course, much of the skill is in the work of the interviewer and editing and yet I think it is a team effort.  You may have something valuable to say but the interviewer must ask astute questions to get that out of you.  Our thanks to Fiona for such an enjoyable experience and pleasing result.

Aside from the excitement of the new experience of being interviewed about our work, the work goes on.  I find I am carving more, both on turnings and entirely carved pieces.  Shane has found time to make more furniture for us.  He has also completed a few pieces for friends and family.  Perhaps I’ll find time to take some photos sometime soon.