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Maple leaf ring boxes



I have some lovely pieces of Australian burl that are too small or the wrong shape for anything except miniature bowls or small boxes and previously I have turned ring boxes from such timber but these have limited appeal.  I had also previously carved a sleeping cat on the lid of a larger turned box.  Then, looking for saleable small scale carving projects, I decided I’d carve some ring boxes.

Ring boxes are a lovely way to present a special purpose ring: engagement, wedding, vow renewal; gift wrapping for any small jewellery gift.  They are also decorative pieces on their own.

I started by making boxes in the shape of leaves and the sleeping cat.  I refined the leaf shapes in the second batch and added a lizard, a turtle and a sleeping dragon.  More variations are in the pipeline.  Overall size is 85 to 95 mm diameter and around 40 to 60 mm height (depending on the shape).  The tallest so far, at 60 mm, will be the gargoyle that I am still working on.  Some shapes such as the sleeping cat and dragon are suitable for carving onto larger boxes.  Others could be adapted to make them suitable.

If you have a design in mind for someone special, yourself perhaps, please email.  I’m eager to try new shapes and happy to discuss what is possible.  Discussion of possible projects is always provided free of charge.