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Some time ago, we began planning our new bed.  Shane had been practicing some Japanese joints and this seemed a good opportunity to use them.  We liked the idea of having a knockdown bed with interlocking joints and no bed bolts.

The first test was to be a bed for our son’s guest bedroom.  It seemed a good idea as we use the bedroom around once a week and we were keen to get our mattress off the floor.  After drawing up a plan for the base and practicing the joints themselves, that bed quickly took shape and we were using it by the end of April 2018.  Originally without fixings, we soon decided that we needed to screw the slats in place.

For our own bed we wanted to incorporate a bedhead but still make it knockdown with no fixings.  After more planning, drawing, discussion, it was time for a quarter size scale model.  Seemed a pity to waste the model so Shane showed the drawings to our other son and his family and asked if they would like the scale model bed for their greyhound.  We suggested putting the bedhead at the longer side to better suit sitting against a wall but otherwise: a quarter scale sized model with a purpose.

It took Shane some time to complete the bed for our favourite greyhound.  Nearly done, he asked the greyhound’s hoomans which way up they wanted the arched rail of the bedhead.  It was delivered and assembled in mid-August 2019. 

At last! time to make ours.  With most of the hard thinking already done, our bed was completed at the start of May 2020.  I say completed but there is provision for a kumiko panel between the top two rails of the bedhead and first there will to be at least one prototype.


  • All 3 versions have lap joints with through tenons.
  • Bedheads are jointed using wedged through tenons.
  • Our bed also has the slats dovetailed into side supports (no screws required).
  • All three are knockdown and more easily transportable. 


  • Guest room bed:  black walnut from a farm in NE Victoria.
  • Greyhound bed:  yellow stringybark from the Blue Mountains, NSW.
  • Our bed:  apple box from Yackandandah, Victoria.

If your canine family member needs a bed that is also a furniture piece, we are happy to discuss the possibilities and pricing.  Just email with your size requirements.  Email and enquires are obligation and cost free.

Another year

And an exciting one for us. During the year we decided to acquire an ABN and register our business name. Apart from the work involved with doing that, I have also been learning to deal with the big upsurge in spam email that has come with it. At last I have found time to put up some photos of more recent work.

We have also been very pleased to be part of the Kinross Arts Centre inaugural Festive Craft Showcase in Toorak, Melbourne. There are still a few days left to go along if you are in that part of Melbourne. (Open until 5 December. Cafe on site.)

During 2019, Shane has found time to complete some ongoing furniture projects (and I have completed the leadlight part of the big music cupboard). In 2018 and 2019 I have completed a couple of major carving projects, have others in planning and looking forward to beginning work before end of year.

New experiences

A few months ago, Fiona Gruber came to interview us as part of a series to be aired on Radio National.  It has been a long wait but yesterday morning the interview did indeed go to air.  I find it an unsettling experience to hear my own voice on air (or on an answering machine) but managed to overcome that difficulty and listen to the interview.  It is thrilling to find that someone thinks you may have something to express or explain that others may find interesting and it is a great pleasure, or perhaps relief, to find that you have managed to be coherent and have said what you intended.  Of course, much of the skill is in the work of the interviewer and editing and yet I think it is a team effort.  You may have something valuable to say but the interviewer must ask astute questions to get that out of you.  Our thanks to Fiona for such an enjoyable experience and pleasing result.

Aside from the excitement of the new experience of being interviewed about our work, the work goes on.  I find I am carving more, both on turnings and entirely carved pieces.  Shane has found time to make more furniture for us.  He has also completed a few pieces for friends and family.  Perhaps I’ll find time to take some photos sometime soon.

Too busy for words

A long time since my last post.  We have been very busy making lots of timber items and making plans for new ideas for timber items.  Shane has completed one display and storage cupboard for cups and DVDs and has almost completed another for storage of my trumpet paraphernalia and some of those timber items.  I have been working on a few carvings including a love spoon for a wedding gift and a support for one of the shelves of the latest storage cupboard.  It has also been time for a few small and large house refurbishment projects.  Very soon I hope to spend a little time putting new photos up and refreshing the view of this website.

A much less pleasant task is the one of emptying the comments inbox on site; I wish the spammers would find something useful to do with their time.  But of course, sending one email multiple times doesn’t take much time.

Using a few new toys

We’ve been busy with a few orders which is nice but I have been busy carving when I can find time.  The carving process left me looking for some new options to get the finish I want in some tight places.  My searches led me to invest in some Auriou riflers and some stick sanders.  The Auriou riflers are just beautiful to use.  They cut cleanly and allow me to shape in tight spaces.  They’ve proven to be an excellent investment.  I bought the stick sanders from  Lee Valley Tools.  They are also proving very handy for the awkward spot.  I am now well equipped to finish off a couple of carvings so I can declutter my work space and make room to begin the next project.  The next project is a  bowl with a carved edge.  The bowl part is turned and ready for carving.  I just need to make the holding jig and decide on the carving design.

March exhibition

Stonehouse Gallery invited us to be part of their March exhibition which showcases the diversity and beauty of wood and it is great to be part of another exhibition that features work made from timber.  The invitation came at short notice but we were pleased to find some items to contribute to the show.

I have almost completed the first carving of my own design.  There’s some sanding and small refinements still to be done but an idea for the next carving has taken hold and so it is time to complete the current one and move on.

Cheers for now

Timber Memory

It has been a very busy time for us.  We had a very enjoyable Christmas, with family making their separate ways from various places and spending Christmas with us.  What a wonderful time!  But before that I was thrilled to be invited to put items in an exhibition called Timber Memory.

From the Craft site:
Timber Memory is a survey of Victorian woodwork from the 80s until now, presenting highlights from the State Craft Collection in conjunction with contemporary timber makers.

Victoria has a long history of timber innovators whose art addresses environmental concerns and sustainability alongside functionality and beauty.

This small survey exhibition presents functional furniture and homewares through to sculptural timber works by some of Victoria’s leading makers.

David Cumming, Pip Giovanelli, Clinton Greenwood, Sally Gunning, Bob Hammerly, Malcom Harris, Anthony Kleine, Helmut Lueckenhausen, Bryan Poynton, Anthony Prior, Richard Raffan, David Ralph, Anthony Russo, Helen Walsh, Alan West, Jo Wilson,Vic Wood, Damien Wright.

5 December 2015 – 28 February 2016
Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders Lane Melbourne

Of course, I needed to make something special to exhibit in such fine company.  And I thank Craft curator, Debbie Prior, for helping me choose those of my works to be exhibited and displaying all works so beautifully.  If you can’t get to the exhibition, my contribution is shown below.

After preparing works for the exhibition and for sale in the Craft shop, after a little clean up for the family gathering at home, and after completing a few urgent home maintenance chores and organising some others, Shane has been busy making furniture for us, starting with another cupboard for our dining room, purpose built for our coffee paraphernalia.  We decided to put in leadlight doors which I have finally completed and which have now been installed in the cupboard (photo below).  I have now begun a new carving project, starting from a bowl I part-turned green some years ago.  We’ll see how that goes.

My thanks to my webpage personal trainer for suggesting the next blog has been well overdue; good to have someone to remind you of the things you have let lapse.


Acer negundo natural edged bowl 285 dia. x 200 high
Acer negundo natural edged bowl 285 dia. x 200 high

Acer negundo natural edged bowl 225 dia. x 210 high
Acer negundo natural edged bowl 225 dia. x 210 high

Busy carving

I’ve now loaded a lot more photos and added captions so returning visitors to this site will notice a few changes.  I have a few turning projects on the go too.  The priority is to finish some turned boxes for the Craft pop-up in October.  I have also promised some prototypes for a new client.  Shane is also finishing off a number of magnet boxes for the pop-up.  When that is done we should have time to choose timber for Continue reading Busy carving

Hello world!

After years of planning our website is finally live though with quite a bit of fine tuning yet to happen, and I would like to thank all those who have encouraged (or pestered) me to get it organised and especially to Lee who made it happen at last.

I have a few orders to complete this week; a few more photos to get on this site; then, maybe time to tell a bit about some of the work and the timbers featured.

Cheers for now