Using a few new toys

We’ve been busy with a few orders which is nice but I have been busy carving when I can find time.  The carving process left me looking for some new options to get the finish I want in some tight places.  My searches led me to invest in some Auriou riflers and some stick sanders.  The Auriou riflers are just beautiful to use.  They cut cleanly and allow me to shape in tight spaces.  They’ve proven to be an excellent investment.  I bought the stick sanders from  Lee Valley Tools.  They are also proving very handy for the awkward spot.  I am now well equipped to finish off a couple of carvings so I can declutter my work space and make room to begin the next project.  The next project is a  bowl with a carved edge.  The bowl part is turned and ready for carving.  I just need to make the holding jig and decide on the carving design.