Busy carving

I’ve now loaded a lot more photos and added captions so returning visitors to this site will notice a few changes.  I have a few turning projects on the go too.  The priority is to finish some turned boxes for the Craft pop-up in October.  I have also promised some prototypes for a new client.  Shane is also finishing off a number of magnet boxes for the pop-up.  When that is done we should have time to choose timber for our next furniture projects.

There are a number of plans drawn but looks like the first on the list is now a cupboard for DVDs and display of ceramic mugs.  A close second is the storage seat for our entry area.  Our cupboards are designed for their function and location and that takes time and thought and choosing timber from the many possibilities is always hard.  This time the timber is being provided by a friend who has some magnificent species and boards.  Especially hard to choose but now that we’ve chosen we want to start work.  Some self-control needed to complete other tasks first.  Really, it’s not so hard when the workspace needs to be cleared of one job before the next can be begun.

I’m also trying to find time to complete my latest ‘student’ carving project from the book by Andrew Thomas Carving in the Round.   Once my penguin is complete I can move on to the final project:  the humpback whale.  Then I will move on to my own designs.  And I do have some more spoons to complete, including my first go at green carved spoons.

When I first started carving Shane made me a carving horse in the style of an artist donkey he had made me years before.  We discussed the proposed carving bench for some time before the donkey was suggested.  It works really well for a number of reasons:  I can sit at the work and this is really great as it makes the carving less tiring;  but more importantly, the bench is not going anywhere as the weight of the user holds it firmly in place; also means that the carver and the carving stay in the same spacial relationship no matter how much energy is applied to the work.  See pictures below.

carving donkey complete with shavings and a few tools of the trade  IMG_2584.JPG

Carving donkey complete with shavings and a few tools of the trade